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My Erdős-Bacon Number ≤ 7

My Erdős number is at most 4:

  • I co-authored a paper with Horacio Arlo Costa and Isaac Levi:
    "Desire-as-Belief Implies Opinionation or Indifference", Analysis, 55.1 (1995).
  • Horacio Arlo Costa co-authored a paper with Rohit Parikh:
    "Conditional Probability and Defeasible Inference", Journal of Philosophical Logic , 34 (2005) 97-119.
  • Rohit Parikh co-authored a paper with Melvyn Nathanson:
    "Density of Sets of Natural Numbers and the Lévy Group", Journal of Number Theory , 124 (2007) 151-158.
  • Melvyn Nathanson co-authored a paper with Paul Erdős:
    "Maximal Asymptotic Nonbases", Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society , 48 (1975) 57-60.
And my Bacon number is at most 3:
  • I appeared with Malachy McCourt in the movie Beautiful Kid (2003).
  • Malachy McCourt appeared with Marisa Tomei in The Guru (2002).
  • Marisa Tomei appeared with Kevin Bacon in Loverboy (2005).
Beautiful Kid was directed by Michael Carty and Colum McCann. In the movie I play the guy who is assaulted and robbed by Dan Brennan's character "Sean" while I'm soliciting a blowjob from a prostitute on 12th Avenue. I'm listed in the final credits as: "John Collins --- the John." My daughter Miranda has a bigger role in this movie as the younger version of Christine Meyers's "Bridget".